Longmont’s longest operating eBike shop. Woman owned and locally managed, we’re a different flavor than the rest. 

About us

Spice eBikes is a locally owned and operated eBike retail and service shop in Longmont, Colorado. We opened our doors in 2009 under the name Small Planet eBikes and are proud to be the oldest eBike store in Colorado. Our original founder, Tom Wilson, recognized that eBikes offered a truly revolutionary way for people to get around and see the planet before almost anyone else did–and he brought that revolutionary vision to Longmont. Small Planet eBikes is excited to have been one spoke in Longmont’s transformation into the tenth best mid-sized city for biking in the U.S. 

Today, we have evolved into Spice eBikes, a woman-owned business focused on helping people decide how they want to flavor their adventure. Our mission is to help our neighbors discover the world around them in a way that really excites their palet. We are dedicated to providing amazing customer service and support to all who walk through our doors. 

We’re a Bunch of people with a Passion to explore by ebike. 

Life is too short to be bland. It should be flavored with all the spices, which is why we launched Spice eBikes. We found many of our customers have a zest for life and a hunger for adventure. They just need a little support, some guidance, and a reliable shop to get service and training.

We have a focus in our shop on supportive education. Nothing is worse than exploring a new lifestyle and having everyone you meet speak to you as if you are displaying some audacity by asking if there is room at the table to join in at Spice eBikes; all adventure levels and spice tolerance are welcome. You can be brand new or have been riding for a hundred years; you are welcome.

Meet Our Head eBike Lady

Amy Wilkins

Shop Owner

Read Her Why:

I discovered the escape and adventure eBikes can offer at a time in my life when I truly needed to think about what kind of flavor I really wanted to live. What was the zest I should be using to spice up my own story? I found that the eBike gave me the freedom and flexibility I had no idea I was missing.

Fifteen years later, I found and purchased this store because, like the previous owner, I, too, believe in the promise of eBikes–not just for the planet, but for people. I got into this game not because I love bikes (though bikes are rad!), but because I love people. 

I feel a sense of fulfillment when my customers’ faces light up with joy after they get on an eBike for the first time or find the right bike, when they tell me stories about the way their eBikes have been “game changers,” when they describe how their social lives have opened up or they tell me how their eBikes provide them with the transportation they wouldn’t otherwise have or their children tell me about the places they go in their cargo bikes.

I have learned through this experience that I love the variety of my customers as much as I love the spices of life. 

A Little About Amy:

Amy has a PhD in sociology, and her first careers were in academia and advertising. Wanting something more directly involved with the community, she found the opportunity to purchase Tom’s shop, which you knew as Small Planet eBikes.

Amy credits Alister for giving her the gift of biking when he bought her her first good bike, and she discovered how much bike quality matters to the experience. She realized then that biking felt like freedom and flying!

Now, she wants to help customers from all backgrounds discover the same joy.


Service Guru

A Little About Alister:

Alister has over 20 years of industry experience on both the sales and service side, having previously worked at places like the Pros Closet and Trek. He loves all things bikes and is affectionately known as the “wheelie guy.”

Alister loves to help customers not only find the right bike and accessories, but also ensure they are having the best possible experience on their bikes.